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They say only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go. The city life drowns the essence of thrill, soothing soul, and peace in a crowd of car honks and meetings. But the human body is designed to explore, to chase peace and mental calm over a week of stress. It is simply a question of how far you would go to give yourself and your loved ones a chance to experience that peace and refreshing time. With us, you won't have to go very far. We take you places where you will be fed to the brim with fulfillment and adventure. All you need to give us is a holiday, and we promise to fill it with memories. They say that travel helps you create bonds. Not just with people you meet along the way, but with yourself, your company, and Mother Nature and especially hidden gems.


About Us: Connecting Bonds Through Adventure


At TrekOTrip, bonds are at the center of everything we do; Bonds between you, yourself, your loved ones, and every providing and pacifying soul. And this is what our guests enjoy the most. Be it traditional North Indian Himalayan treks or Offbeat tours, adventures - we provide the safest experience to our customers. Moreover, our tours have a diverse range of experiences from visiting ancient temples to exploring local gems and historical heritages or the best of nature.
Spending a vacation trekking on Kedarnath, or having breakfast by Mt Everest, or tour to Bhutan, Srilanka or hidden gems of Spiti, Leh, Srinagar, and more speaks to a deeper part of us. At TrekOTrip, we make sure that all our guests are directed by local guides and Sherpas who have grown up in these mountains. As a result, you only get the most authentic experience of these mountains. 


Who Are We?

We are an Indian tour, trekking, and adventure travel company that takes you and your loved ones on thrilling hikes to offbeat adventures across some beautiful country mountains to experience unparalleled vistas and landscapes to change your perspective one at every adventure. 
Founded to give the average urbanite a taste of nature and adventure, TrekOTrip is an adventure and tours holiday company that organizes treks, hike trails and tours to hidden spots as well and remember across eight picturesque peaks of the country. We help mountaineers, hikers, and yoga/ meditation enthusiasts infuse a sense of thrill and adventure into their tranquil journey across the higher altitudes of the country.

Why Go On An Adventure or a Tour Holiday?


Get away from the stress of your urban lifestyle and experience nature at its best with your friends and family. It’s a spiritual experience fused with the feeling of soul rejuvenation and creating the best of memories. The tours and adventures curated for you will get your soul embedded with the rich culture and breathtaking scenery.

Why Choose TrekOTrip?


With our team of certified trek leaders, tour guides, and local Sherpas, you are in the best hands that will turn your adventure and tour holiday into a cherished memory for you. Each of our Trek Leaders holds Wilderness First Aid Responder Certification and is qualified with a basic and advanced mountaineering course. Rest assured, you are in the hands of experts.

We are the perfect company to assist yoga and meditation enthusiasts, as we take you to the best-guided meditation spots along the hiking trail. With a group of friends or family, you will be immersed in some life-changing experiences with us. 

Preserving the Environment


At TrekOTrip, we believe that our mountains and all the local environments should be preserved for our children to experience. The best way to respect nature is to preserve it. TrekOTrip wants every commercial expedition to cause the least harm to the mountain ecosystem and the local culture. 

After all, the purpose of this adventure holiday is to get you up close and personal with nature. So it would only make sense that we respect what we are trying to experience, right?

From the correct disposal of waste to recycling oxygen cylinders, TripOTreks takes every step to ensure that we are not hurting the health of the place that gives us these incredible experiences. Our mountaineering professional trek, guides and local tour guides are trained on all environment-friendly trekking protocols so that your adventure holiday is guilt-free.

Safety First


If there is anything we care about the most in our expeditions, it is safety. Our nature of profession demands it, and we stand up to the task. You are in the safest hands possible when you plan your trip with us because our trek guides and professional personnel have been thoroughly trained on safety protocols, and have years of experience with this. 
Our industry requires us to be fully in control of every controllable outcome. This means that we have been trained on every emergency security crisis that is either preventable or solvable. We rely on the strategy of fast responsiveness in the occurrence of any safety compromise. Though it is highly unlikely that you will face a security crisis in our presence, you will be given the best security/medical help that the industry standard demands. 

Services Offered

Along with being a celebrated trek organizer and adventure holiday planner, we also conduct thrilling adventure sports in exciting locations. The adventure sports offered by us are:

    • River rafting 
    • Mountain Biking
    • Bungee Jumping
    • Paragliding 
    • Skydiving 
    • Swing


Our Journey 


Being from bustling cities ourselves, we wondered what it must be like to stare at the sky and see a string of stars instead of a smog blanket. Or how relishing and insightful it must get being exposed to historical or different culture tours. With the thought of connecting with our roots and infusing a sense of thrill and rejuvenation back into our lives, we founded TrekOTrip, where you can safely explore spirituality with a blend of adventure, thrill, and bibliographic tours.


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